It feels like every week, there are exciting updates on the work we’re doing. With our schedule changing day-to-day, there’s always something new to report on.

This past week has been a busy one. Amber and I had three filming days, back-to-back-to-back. We filmed at three very different kitchens with completely different stories.

On Monday, we filmed at Freddy’s kitchen – The Kineza Milk Group. It’s one of the only male-led kitchens and Freddy shared his insights on the importance of empowering woman and the role men can play as ally’s. On Tuesday, we filmed at Hida’s Fermented Food Enterprise, a small factory run by an incredibly driven and business-minded woman. On Wednesday, we made our third visit and first filming day at Foundation Karibu Tanzania, a rescue and rehabilitation centre for abused children.

Wednesday was one of the most exhausting, uplifting and fun shoots I’ve ever done. Amber and I had visited several times prior and discussed via email and text with the centre’s employees to comprehensively plan the creative strategy of the video. We prepared for this shoot a lot because we wanted to have a clear vision of how the centre and the children would be represented respectfully and responsibly.

The kids were excited to see us, as they hadn’t seen us since an event at the centre a few weeks prior. We had gone to the event not only to be involved in the community, but also with the intention of meeting the kids so they felt more comfortable around us and our cameras before we started filming. It was such an incredible filled with laughing, dancing and playing with the kids. We got some incredible footage of the property, of the kids laughing with their yogurt moustache’s after lunch and some powerful interviews with the foundation’s employees on the importance of the work they do and the impact the Fiti yogurt has had on the health of the kids. By the end of the day we could barely tear ourselves apart from them… literally. Amber and I were getting our hair braided by four girls each, with some of the younger kids hanging on our backs and sitting in our laps. The staff were so generous with their time and we cannot wait to go back to see them and the children.

To finish the work week, Amber, Iman and I spent our Saturday afternoon at Mikono Yetu attending a weekly Eagle Movement meeting. The Eagle Movement is a club Maimuna has organized in three local schools. They meet with young girls at the school, aged 11-18 years old, to read the lesser-known historical stories of African queens and discuss topics of female empowerment. It was a privilege to be able to sit in on this meeting and meet these smart, driven young women. In the future Amber and I will be producing a video on the impact of the Eagle Movement and I can’t wait until we get to attend our next meeting!


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