Final Stretch

With less than three weeks left in Mwanza, it feels like our internship has flown by. Amber and I are wrapping up filming for all of our projects this week and will spend the last bit of our internship completing our translations and the final edits of our videos.

With the production side of things winding down, it feels like a huge chapter of my internship is coming to a close. Several times a week for the past two months I could expect to wake up, venture on the dala dala to a different part of Mwanza and visit new yogurt kitchens. My work here has offered me a unique opportunity to learn about Tanzanian culture and society. I’m so thankful for the time my internship has allowed me to have with the yogurt mamas and the opportunity to have sit down conversations with them about their challenges and successes. Working so closely with the mamas has been an absolute pleasure and I’m sad that our visits have come to an end. The women have been so generous, welcoming Amber and I into their homes and opening up to us. This internship has reaffirmed my love of making videos, but even more so my love of interviewing and connecting on a personal level with others.

Filming with Yogurt Mamas from Ebeneza Women's Group
Filming with Yogurt Mamas from Ebeneza Women’s Group

Editing has been underway for a while now, but with filming finishing up we can focus on it full time. Making sure I’m telling the story of each kitchen and each mama properly is a huge responsibility and I want to do them all justice. Although the pressure can be stressful, it pushes me to produce the best work I can and I’m excited to see how the videos turn out.


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